PO Box 198

East Windsor 

CT 06088






Welcome to ... FERAL CATS of EAST WINDSOR inc





As of April 2014 we recieved our 501-c3 staus as a non-profit.
Retro to June 2013.

We are located in East Windsor CT.

We are here to help the Community Cats in the town and surrounding area.

We try to feed and provide shelter so we can Trap - Neuturer - Return them in the Wild.

This way we can stop the over population of the Feral Cats.

They also can get there Rabies shot when Fixed.

This helps control an outbreak of Rabies in Feral or Community Cats.

TNR works to ensure the local population does not get out of hand.

Life is hard enough for these guys, and the Kittens really don't stand much of a chance.


We still do all of the above, But now we do Friendly Cat rescue and adoptions of kittens and adults.
We continue to support our local folk who have Community Cat issues.
We are always at a Spay Neuter clinic geting Cats fixed. 



Feral's Kittens




Halle and Suggy say ADOPT ! Save Lives !!