Donation can be made to

Feral Cats of East Windsor

C/O Russell Bergeron

PO Box 198

East Windsor CT 06088

Food or shelters can be dropped off

at the address by calling me 860-982-3303

Call me:

Russ 860-982-3303

Easy way's to Help

Little Tabby Speaks for the Ferals of the World

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Even if you've never seen a feral cat, it's likely that there are feral cats in your community. You can make a big difference in your community by:


I would like to Publicly Thank the Windsor Locks Women’s Club for Supporting us at Feral Cats of East Windsor.   There collection of Food for us will help get the colonies we care for thru a month of food. Your generous donation to us was also Payed Forward, A Care giver from Windsor Locks was having a hard time getting thru to the end of the month. Feral Cats of East Windsor donated a big bag of dry and a case of wet food to him complements of the Windsor Locks Women’s Club.  We also cleaned his area so he would be able to get back and forth to the feeding area.  Winter is coming and the outdoor Community Cats need more food to stay warm. Thank you again for everything you Ladies have done for us. We really Appreciate your support. 


  Thank You


Russell Bergeron 

 (Feral cats of East Windsor INC) 

Face Book under  :   Feral cats of east Windsor 



Community Cats Fixed and Vaccinated with Donations




Here is Eli today 6 months later

Here is ZEPPELIN !!
Thank you John, your donation will help Zeppelin, he has fathered way to many kittens.
Zepplin Was TN&R to were he was caught. He was called over weight at the clinic.
Not to many are called over weight , he survives well.

Giving your Time



Donations of Money or Food are the easiest ways you can help. Also building Shelters from spare wood or old Plastic storage bins.

Donating spare wood and plastic bins works too. I line them with Straw.

Keeping an eye out for stray/feral cats, normally around dusk or dawn behind any Resturant you go by. They are trying to Survive.

Also, helping shelter pets has its rewards too.

Helping Local Shelters with Foster Care or Volunteeringyour time at Shelters is very helpful for the Animals.

They also like the Human touch.